How can we help you learn?

eCampus NZ has teamed up with LinkedIn Learning to give you access to quality videos, articles and tutorials to support your study.

If your course uses LinkedIn Learning, you will be asked to log in to LinkedIn Learning so you can access the resources featured in your course.

You will only need to log into LinkedIn Learning once, then each time afterward. you will be logged in automatically.

How to log in to LinkedIn Learning

Step 1: Click here or type into your browser.

Step 2: Click Sign In.

Screenshot of LinkedIn Learning login

Step 3: Click the link to Sign in with your organisation account.

Screenshot of LinkedIn Learning login

Step 4: Next, you’ll be asked to enter an email address, use your eCampusNZ email address ([email protected]), and click Continue.

Screenshot of LinkedIn Learning login

Step 5:  You’ll now be redirected to the eCampus NZ login page. Enter your eCampus NZ username (firstname.lastname) and password, and click Sign in.

Screenshot of sign-in screen

You did it! You’ll now be redirected back to the LinkedIn Learning resource page or the LinkedIn Learning home page, depending on how you started.


Closed captions

Turning on video captions can help you:

– Follow video content (particularly if you have a hearing impairment or language processing disorder).
– Learn new vocabulary.

Video transcripts

Video transcripts show the video content in writing.

These can be useful for notetaking and reviewing course content.


Man asking a question

Why have I been directed to an old resource?

LinkedIn Learning regularly updates course content.

However, sometimes we use material from courses that LinkedIn Learning has removed from its portfolio. Don’t worry – we’re using this content because it meets the needs of your course. 

If you see there is a newer version of a video available, please feel free to let your facilitator know.