How can we help you learn?

Smarthinking is a live, on-demand tutoring service that connects learners with qualified tutors. If you're fully enrolled to study on eCampus NZ, you can access it for free. Here's what an eCampus NZ learner has to say about Smarthinking:

I cannot stress enough how much Smarthinking has helped me gain further understanding on the concepts and assessments. You can request to have a drop-in tutoring session on a range of different subjects and get connected to a tutor quickly. Most of the time I've gone on there, I've been able to have a session within 10 minutes. And it's free! I would recommend this to any students who are still a bit confused with something regarding their assessments. Smarthinking aren't there to solve your problems, but they will work with you and help you as much as they can to try and get you on the right track.

Smarthinking tutors can provide 24/7 support across a range of subjects. 

You can use Smarthinking to:

  • Immediately connect and speak with a live tutor or career coach.
  • Schedule a personal session with a tutor of your choice.
  • Submit a question and receive a reply from a tutor.
  • Submit writing or career documents tutor to review.
How do I log in to Smarthinking?

Step 1: Click here to log in to Smarthinking. 

Step 2: If you’re not already logged in to the portal, enter your eCampus NZ login details. When you are fully enrolled, you will receive these via an email  from eCampus NZ’s IT team. You will receive a link to reset your password in the same email. If you can’t find them, check your spam folder. Note: your enrolling institute will also send you account details. Use the login details from eCampus NZ to log in to Smarthinking.

If you’re currently learning with eCampus NZ and problems accessing Smarthinking using the login link, please contact [email protected]

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Smarthinking tutoring service

With Smarthinking, you can immediately connect and interact with a live tutor, schedule a personal session with a tutor of your choice, or submit a question for a tutor to answer. Smarthinking’s qualified tutors provide live, online tutoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on a range of topics and subject areas.

Smarthinking Writing Centre

Use the Smarthinking Writing Centre to become a stronger writer. You can receive detailed, personalised feedback on written assignments, such as essays, paragraphs, or reports. You can access the Writing Centre by logging in using the link below and selecting Submit my Writing or Career Documents.

Technical support

No special software installation or equipment is required. If you encounter technical issues, visit the Smarthinking Help Centre for help and information about the required settings. 

Technical requirements

  • Make sure that your browser is set up to allow cookies and pop-up windows (Smarthinking uses both of these)
  • Recommended browsers = Firefox 12+/Internet Explorer 9.0+/Safari 5.0+/Google Chrome 20.0+ 
  • Please disable all popup blockers for
  • Make sure that you have Java installed. If you need to install Java, go to Java’s Web site and follow the instructions for the free download
  • For technical questions, visit the Smarthinking Technical Support pages
  • Need help using Smarthinking? You can also contact Customer Support at [email protected]
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Smarthinking study groups

With Smarthinking Group Tutoring, you can set up your own study groups with other learners in your course outside of the eCampus portal. You can:

  • Set up your own study groups and collaborate with other learners in your course.
  • Use the interactive whiteboard and chat function to have live discussions.
  • Work together on group projects.
  • Connect to a Smarthinking tutor as a group.
How do I log in to Smarthinking Study Groups?

Step 1: Use the instructions above to log in to Smarthinking.

Step 2: You can access the Group Sessions option by clicking on the Tutoring + tab at the top of the homepage.

Step 3: To launch a group session whiteboard,  select a subject area and a relevant topic. Choose a keyword to help other learners find your group.

Step 4: Running Sessions shows a list of group sessions launched by other learners. To join an existing whiteboard session students simply click Join.

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Remember you have agreed to eCampus NZ’s Community Code of Conduct policies. You have made a commitment to respect others, be sensitive to personal, social and cultural differences, respect the needs, rights and freedoms of others, and behave appropriately for a tertiary education environment. This applies to all online interactions with fellow learners. Visit our Positive Communication Online page for some tips and tricks on how to keep your group work productive and positive.

Additional Resources

The Smarthinking Writer’s Handbook contains detailed information about academic writing, with topics that include:

  • Writing business reports
  • Writing cover letters
  • Writing memos
  • Presentations
  • Choosing sources wisely
  • Grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence structure.