How can we help you learn?

On these pages you’ll find detailed instructions on how to use the portal, including how to download and use Office 365, apply for extensions, submit and resubmit assignments, complete quizzes, and change your pop-up settings so that you can access the learning materials and information on the portal.

Think of the portal as your online classroom. You’ll use the portal to access your learning materials, interact with your facilitator and fellow learners, and submit assignments. If you’ve never used the portal before, check out our Getting Started toolkit and we’ll show you around!

How do I log in?

The first step to getting prepared is to log in to the eCampus NZ portal. You’ll use the portal to access your learning materials, chat with your facilitator and fellow learners, and submit assignments.

Step 1: Click on the blue ‘Portal Login’ button at the top right of this page.

Step 2: Enter your eCampus NZ login details. When you are fully enrolled, you will receive these via an email  from eCampus NZ’s IT team. You will receive a link to reset your password in the same email.

If you can’t find them, check your spam folder. Note: your enrolling institute will also send you account details. Use the log in details from eCampus NZ to log in and learn.

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Show me around

Here’s an introduction to the portal to help you get started:

Start your journey on your learner dashboard

Your learner dashboard is the first screen you will see.

  • The My Courses section is where you will find details of your past, current, and future courses. 
  • My Communications is where you will go to access forum posts, personal messages, and details about your classmates.
  • The eCampus News section is your link to topical eCampus news items.
  • If at any time you would like to submit your feedback, head to Have Feedback?
  • Visit My Calendar to track your upcoming assessments.
  • My Contacts is where you can find contact details for the eCampus NZ Helpdesk, your student advisor, and your enrolling institute. 

What's on the navigation menu?

You can click on the three bars to expand or contract the main navigation menu.

The menu has direct links to:

  • Your learner dashboard
  • My Courses, which is where you’ll access current courses
  • My Calendar, where you can view upcoming assessments
  • My Conversations, where you can view course forum posts and page comments
  • My Extensions, where you can submit and view assessment extension requests
  • My Messages, where you can view and reply to incoming messages. You can also send messages to your classmates
  • Your personal profile
  • Your Office 365 dashboard
  • My Support, where you’ll find direct links to support materials on this site.

Find your courses

The My Courses section has three tabs to help you keep track of your enrolments



View details of courses that you have previously enrolled into.  


Access your current courses. 


View details of your upcoming courses. 

Accessing a course

You’ll find your current courses displayed on your learner dashboard. 

Click on the course name to view details about the course. 

Current Course Details

After a current course is selected from the Learner Dashboard, details about the courseyour Course Progress bar, and a link to the course are displayed. 

Go to course or select the drop-down arrow to access other options. 



Moving through your courses

Course Home Page 

This is where you’ll find important information about your course, like course completion requirements, frequently asked questions, and how to contact your facilitator and student advisor.

Course Overview

Before you start studying, move through the Course Overview using the menu on the left of your screen.

Even if you’ve already completed courses with eCampus NZ before, you should look closely at the Important Information page, as this contains course-specific information about assessments, learning outcomes, and course completion requirements.

The Learning Path outlines how you should progress with the course and shows a weekly schedule to suggest course targets. It also indicates assessment due dates. 

You’ll find introductions from your eCampus NZ support team when you click on Meet your facilitator and Meet your student advisor sections.

You will also find frequently asked questions specific to your course, a general discussion forum, a glossary of key terms, and a reference list (in APA format) which lists the texts and videos used in your course. Use this list when you’re writing assignments to make the referencing process much easier!

Course Sections

Select Sections to access to view each section of your course.

Click on a section heading to access the learning materials for that section. 

Course Assessments

Select Assessments to access the assessment schedule for the course. 


Recording Course Progress


Checking off each section as you complete it will help you, your facilitator, and your advisor monitor your progress. 


Click the circle next to each sub-section once you have completed the learning activities. The circle will then change to a green tick. 

Course Progress Bar 


Your course progress bar will grow as you tick off each of the sub-sections.  


The red bookmark indicates the page you were on the last time you accessed the course. 

Go to where I was last in the course

You can easily get back to the last page you opened on the course from the learner dashboard.  Open the course and select ‘Go to where I was last in the course’. 

Top tip: check off your progress as you go

Click on the empty white circle next to each course section as you complete it. It will turn into a green tick, showing you and your facilitator that you have completed that section.


Computer requirements and recommended browsers

eCampus NZ requires computers with a minimum* of Windows 8.1 or MacOSx 10.12, and we recommend Windows 10 or above and MacOS 11 or above. Many courses rely on third party applications and browsers (e.g. Chrome etc.). While eCampus NZ takes every opportunity to design courses with this in mind, we cannot be held accountable for 3rd party application updates that may prevent your software from working as expected. Check the Computer Requirements on our Policies and Procedures page for detailed information.

The preferred browsers for the eCampus platform are Chrome and Safari. However, eCampus NZ will run on most modern browsers. We do recommend that you upgrade to the latest version available for your operating system.

Installing a new browser will not only enhance your eCampus NZ experience; it will also guarantee a far safer online experience. Downloading and installing a new browser takes less than 5 minutes.

Not sure which browser you are using? Go to Support Details to get a summary of your current browser and other aspects of your computer system.

eCampus NZ no longer supports the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. 

Click on the name of the browsers below for information about how to install each of them

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla’s Firefox is one of the fastest internet browsers out there today. Firefox reliably blocks malware, includes a private web browsing feature, and displays a clean, easy-to-use interface.


How to download and install Firefox on Windows

How to download and install Firefox on Mac

Google Chrome

Google Chrome comes standard on most Android mobile devices, and it is also a good choice for Windows and Mac computers. If you use other Google products, such as Gmail and Google Maps, Chrome lets you link them all together.


How to Download & install Chrome (Windows and Mac)

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge comes standard with computers running the Windows 10 operating system and is much leaner and faster than Internet Explorer, which it replaces.


How to Download & install Edge (Windows and Mac)

Please note the modern browsers we’ve recommended are for desktop and laptop computers. These browsers come with their own support network. Your eCampus NZ IT Support team can help you troubleshoot any problems you may encounter using eCampus NZ (and affiliated tools), but not the wider internet.

We also support Opera, Safari, and Vivaldi. If you have them installed already, you’re good to go!

Pop up settings

The eCampus NZ portal automatically opens some links in new windows. You may need to enable pop-ups in your browser settings.

Most browsers give you a warning that a pop-up has been blocked and allow you to choose to enable pop-ups straight away. Look for an alert at the top or bottom of your browser window when you click a link. If you don’t see a message in your browser, this wikiHow resource will teach you how to allow pop-up tabs and notifications.

Because browsers are updated frequently, it may be best to view your browser’s help pages for the most up-to-date information on how to enable pop-ups.