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All assessment due dates are available from the beginning of each course and can be viewed on the Assessment Overview section of your course and in the Learning Path.

An extension is a written agreement between a learner and facilitator for a piece of assessment to be submitted after the due date – by an agreed, specified date. If you are unable to complete an assessment by the due date because of circumstances outside of your control, you should apply for an extension as early as possible using online form in the My Extensions section of the portal. Scroll down to learn how to submit an assessment.

Valid reasons for applying for an extension include illness, injury, bereavement, breakdown or theft of equipment, or an unexpected change of personal or professional circumstances. You should provide appropriate evidence to support your application for an extension.

The process

Applications for extensions must, wherever possible, take place prior to the date of submission of the assessment. If you were unable to submit an extension request prior to the assessment date due to exceptional and unforeseen circumstances please contact your facilitator to discuss the situation.

Your facilitator will consider your request and the evidence you have provided as soon as possible, usually within 48 hours. If the request is accepted, your new due date will be recorded on your My Extensions page.

If you do not apply for an extension and just submit your assessment late, you may incur a late assessment penalty based on when the assessment was originally due.

Late assessment penalties

Assessments that are not submitted by the due date and time will incur a late assessment penalty of 10% per day per assessment, up to a maximum of 50%, if no extension has been approved

If an assessment is more than five calendar days late and no extension has been granted, it will not be marked by the facilitator and it will receive zero marks.  

Achievement-based assessments


Impact on assessment marks

Submission date 

00.01 minute to 24.00 hours late

Deduct 10% from assessment mark (award 90% of mark)

Submission date 

Between 24.01 hours and 48.00 hours late

Deduct 20% from assessment mark (award 80% of mark)

Submission date 

Between 48.01 hours and 72.00 hours late

Deduct 30% from assessment mark (award 70% of mark)

Submission date 

Between 72.01 hours and 96.00 hours late

Deduct 40% from assessment mark (award 60% of mark)

Submission date 

Between 96.01 hours and 120.00 hours late

Deduct 50% from assessment mark (award 50% of mark)

Submission date More than 5 days after due date (after 120.01 hours)

Assessment not marked. Awarded zero mark.

Competency based assessments

The above penalties do not apply to competency-based assessments. Competency-based assessments that are not submitted by the due date will initially be recorded as ‘incomplete’ If the assessment is then submitted on Days 1-5 the assessment will be marked, but there will be no opportunity for a resubmission.

Please take the time to read the full policy carefully and contact your facilitator or the student advisor team with any questions or concerns. 

How to apply for an extension

Step 1:  Go to the navigation menu to the left of your Learner Dashboard and select My Extensions


Screenshot showing the My Extensions section in the navigation menu

Step 2:  Fill in the Request a new extension form. Attach appropriate evidence to support your application for an extension and select Request this extension.

Screenshot of extension request form