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Some eCampus NZ courses have assessed quizzes or tests that count towards your final course grade.

It’s a good idea to access the quiz ahead of time – you can view the opening page before the actual quiz becomes available.

Online quizzes that contribute to your course grade will be made available within a limited time period. See your course for specific details. The standard arrangement is:

  • Your quiz will be made available for a period of time between set times on set days
  • A specific time limit may be set for completing the quiz itself within those times
  • To allow time to complete the quiz, plan to start the quiz at least as long as the time limit before the set closing time (e.g. time-limit of 1 hr, start at least 1 hr before the set closing time).
    There will be a countdown clock (shown on the top left of the screen) for you to keep track of the time you have left. At the end of the time-limit the quiz will automatically close and submit itself.

Top Tips

  • It is strongly recommended that you take the time to click the Submit or Finish button and submit the quiz yourself before the time is up, rather than depending on the system to do it automatically.
  • Make a plan about where you will complete the quiz, when you will complete it, and equipment you need.
  • Check you know where the quiz is located within your online course and are familiar with using the quiz tool.
  • If your quiz has a time limit, you may find it especially useful to review all of the questions quickly using the navigation, so you can answer the questions you are sure of first.
  • You may also want to make sure you understand how the quiz will be graded (this is shown on the introductory page). Note that sometimes. you may be allowed one attempt only. Where there are multiple attempts allowed, you may graded the highest grade you receive, your average grade, or some other system. Where multiple attempts are allowed, there may be a penalty applied to the final grade for incorrect answers.
  • Don’t leave the quiz without submitting your work. If you are asked whether you would like to stay on the page by your browser, you should choose the option that allows you to do so.

How to complete a quiz

Attempting a quiz


If you haven’t attempted a quiz yet, the circle to the left of the quiz will be unfilled. It will turn green once you have attempted the quiz.


On the main page of the quiz, you’ll see details about the quiz and how it will be graded. To start the quiz, click the Attempt quiz now button.



The quiz question numbers at the top allow you to move between questions. In some formats, the quiz may look different – for example some quizzes may have a page for each question.



There may also be a variety of question formats in the quiz, including true/false or essay questions requiring you to type a substantial answer.


You may get immediate feedback during the quiz or afterwards during the review phase, depending on how the quiz has been set up. In some cases, you may receive feedback via a separate assignment dropbox rather than in the quiz itself.


Flagging a question is like using a bookmark. If you want to be able to jump back to a question later in the quiz you can flag it and flagged items show in the question list at the top of the page. Flagging a question is for your reference only, it has no impact on its submission or marking.


Auto-saving: The system is set to auto- save unsaved answers every 1 minute and every time you move between quiz pages.


Spell checking – there is no built-in spell checker in the text editor used in eCampus NZ. Instead, most browsers have a built-in spell-check feature. For example, in Firefox and Google Chrome on Windows, you hold the CTRL key down and right click on the underlined word to see alternative spellings.

The quiz will be split over several pages and you can move between pages using the next buttons or clicking on a question number in the Navigation block. As you move between pages, your answers are automatically saved.


1. DO NOT use the Back button in your browser toolbar

2. DO NOT LEAVE the quiz without saving your answers. Only select Submit all and finish if you have fully completed the quiz or run out of time.

3. Before the time has run out, go to the last page of the quiz and click the Submit all and finish button.

After the quiz

On the main page of the quiz, you’ll see important details about the quiz, including how many attempts you have made.



Unless stated otherwise, your results will be made available to you on the quiz page within the course once your facilitator has marked everyone’s quizzes. You will be notified by email when they become available.

If it is enabled, the review page shows you how you got on with the quiz, question by question. You can click on the coloured question numbers at the top to move to a particular question. The incorrect answers are indicated in red.

Still stuck?

If you run into technical problems when completing a quiz and need support, visit our IT Support page and contact our team directly.