How can we help you learn?

The in-course forums are a great place to collaborate, share ideas and support each other.

You can use the forums in your courses to start or join conversations with fellow learners and your course facilitator. You may be asked to contribute to a forum as part of an assignment. Follow these instructions to create a new post in a forum.

Step 1: Click on the course section with the forum you would like to contribute to. You’ll notice that forums have speech bubble icons.

Screenshot of how a forum appears in the course


Step 2: Find and select the forum in the drop-down list. When you’re ready to post, click on the green button to Add a new discussion topic.

Screenshot of a forum post task

Step 4: Write a title for your post in the Subject field 

Step 5: Write the body of your post in the Message field 

Step 6: Click on the blue arrow in the Attachments field to attach files 

Screenshot of forum post

Step 7: Select Post to forum  

Your post will now appear in the forum. You can edit this post at any time by clicking the Edit button on the bottom right of the post. You can also reply to other posts made by other learners or your facilitator by clicking Reply and repeating steps 4 – 7.